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High Quality Wood Briquettes 300kg Bags


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High-quality wood Briquettes made in-house here at Juke’s Timber Solutions, perfect for wood stoves and fireplaces. Wooden briquettes are made as a by-product of our sawmill, making them a great environmentally friendly choice for your home and excellent value for money, with a long burn duration and excellent heat kick.

If you have found that you have been burning through your firewood too quickly during the colder weather, wood briquettes are a great alternative. Made with sawdust and wood shavings, formed into a briquette under high pressure, the moisture content is much lower than the typical log, which is what generates the impressive heat output.

Briquettes are also very compact and easy to store.


Key Benefits of Wood Briquettes:

  • 300kg bags, ready to ship now
  • A great alternative to fossil fuels,
  • 60mm diameter/ approximately 40mm-70mm length – suitable for a  range of stoves, fire pits and log burners
  • Produced from high-quality softwood and hardwood shavings,
  • High burn temperatures,
  • Very low ash content,
  • Extremely easy to ignite & suitable for lighting damp logs,
  • Nationwide delivery

How To Use Wood Briquettes:

Our wooden briquettes must be stored where they will be kept dry. Once you are ready to use them, take 1-3 briquettes, depending on the size of your wood burner, stove or firepit, and add them to your fire. Keep in mind that the briquettes will expand whilst burning, so you must not overfill your appliance.

As the briquettes break down, this is where you can add a couple more to keep the fire lit for longer.

Once burnt through, the ash produced by the wood briquettes will retain the heat well, keeping you warm. However, remember to let the ashes cool properly before cleaning out your appliance!


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