Do Driveway Gates Deter Thieves?

Do Driveway Gates Deter Thieves?

Did you know that in 2022/23, there were 191,490 domestic break-ins?

Whilst we don’t want to scare you, when it comes to home security measures, it’s always worthwhile making sure that you are protected and have all the measures in place where you can, even just for your peace of mind.

After all, we want to feel safe in our homes and know that potential burglars and opportunistic thieves cannot gain access when we are not at home.

Suppose you have been considering investing in a set of driveway gates for your property. In that case, our team of experts here at Juke’s Timber Solutions have put together some key reasons for how driveway gates can help deter burglars.

Keep Your Family Safe With A Driveway Gate

Having driveway gates will allow your children or pets to run around and play in your front garden without risking them running off the property.

Driveway gates also act as a barrier against unwanted visitors and strangers, blocking prying eyes from viewing your vehicles and inside your home through your windows and front door.

Use A Driveway Gate To Protect Your Property

Driveway gates are also a huge visual deterrent, making it much less likely for potential burglars to take that step to trespass and take valuables from your home. This psychological barrier can make your home less likely to be seen as an easy target, as burglars and criminals will have to climb the gate when entering the property and leaving. This leaves them in a vulnerable position.

This is also, especially the case for car thieves, who will need to overcome the gate lock before they can leave with the vehicle, taking significantly longer than if the car was parked on a drive without a gate.

They Also Look Great

As we mention in our article on how a driveway gate can increase your home value, the right gate will not only work towards deterring burglars but also be eye-catching to potential buyers, possibly increasing your home’s value.

Should you look to sell, you’ll likely find that your gates pose a range of positives to your buyers rather than negatives.

The Security Benefits of Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gates deter thieves as they are so solid. Made from tough wood, they will help to keep your property secure and discourage potential criminals.

Due to the nature of their construction, and when properly maintained, wooden driveway gates can be durable and resistant to tampering or forced access.

Wooden driveway gates can be integrated with various security systems, like metal gates. This includes intercoms, keypads, and remote-controlled mechanisms to create automated gates.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that wooden gates are incredibly customisable, also. Due to the bespoke nature of these gates, they can be customised to fit the specific dimensions of your property and suit your security needs, whilst enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house.

A Physical Barrier Will Always Be Worth It

Many gates can now be combined with modern technology and other home security measures for peace of mind. This could be in the form of CCTV cameras, an alarm system or automatic lights, all for that added layer of protection.

Here at Juke’s Timber Solutions, we are experts in creating bespoke wooden driveway gates. We’ll listen to your specifications and create a gate that fits. Whether you’re looking for added security, to keep your car safe on the drive, or you want the peace of mind that your gates deter the risk of a potential break-in, speak to our team today.

We’ll help you find your new gate and talk you through our full range, and what we can create. Our team will have your covered. Contact us today if your home needs a revamp or you’d rather feel more safe and secure.